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 Business Owner and Products made by C’Erra A. Bell The Ethnic Mamma! Natural Lotus Farm is a Family operated business! It is our belief that chemicals are not natural elements that should be applied to your hair or skin. Also, we see the importance of soft and healthy hair and skin. These products help treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, cold sores, inflammation, pet rashes, poison Ivy , skin rashes, skin discoloring, and other skin conditions. If you wish to support my business and maintain a healthy lifestyle or learn how to Visit the site and shop now! Don’t forget to check out my blogs on the website! Shop Now!

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About Me

This message came from a conversation I had with a beautiful being. These are words that I share with you as well.

 My background is all spiritual. I am spiritually driven to provide as many healthy products to people as I can while I’m around. I feel that is one of my life’s missions. I have a history of being religious. I studied under Christian philosophy as well as Pagen, Catholic, Hebrew ancient Hebrew,Buddhist... but I’m no longer religious because I’ve elevated to where I am now and I am grateful for that because I feel closer and closer to peace for my soul! Health has always been a big importance for me because I am a nature girl! I think I get that from my Ahba ( Father) I love outdoors so my curiosity with plants and herbs is where I get the drive to be educated! I like to study animals and I see that they are self healing. For example the Eagle will fly towards the sun and will stare at the sun when it is feeling sick! The vitamins from the sun provides the eagle with the health it needs to feel better! Things like like blow me away and I often think about how much longer our lifespan would be if we were in tune with the natural healing properties the Earth provides us! I did some schooling at a University in San Diego and finished a year worth of education from International Doula Institute. But honestly, I gain most of my knowledge from connecting with other people who are interested in natural health! My girl’s father is someone I converse with a lot about herbs! We have a big stash that continues to grow and when ppl come and visit they often and willingly tell us their issues and then ask for the right herb to help treat it! I never push anything on them they are just always amazed by the way the house is ran because it’s quite different in the aspect of natural or chemical free as much as possible!! Um, I am very pleased that you took time to get to know me! I appreciate that whole heartedly! 


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As the ocean flows you shall too! It’s important to love who are and be Uniquely Natural!