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“I Can See” written and pictures by C’Erra Bell

“I Can See” is a fictional short story that raises awareness to the gift of sight!

Today’s healthcare has improved so much and with that being said many children are given the gift of sight . Shamayam Lewis‘s Mother contracted the measles while she was pregnant with Shamayam and was told there was a high chance that Shamayam would be born blind! Shamayam was born with congenital cataracts, her eyesight was equivalent to a foggy mirror. She received 3 surgeries while she was an infant. She now has to wear glasses in order to see . “ I Can See” is a fictional story created to display how unique and interesting a days trip to the eye doctor can be. 

The book was created using Canva!

 Thank you Canva for your free and purchased designs!

Free books for my Blind Child!!!

When the Most High works he works!!! I am so happy to have checked the mail today because I seen this package from the website called The National Braille Press!!! I'm super duper happy that they gave all of these different things to my daughter because you know I'm not vision impaired I don't know what she's going to have to go through later on in life I don't know what she's necessarily going through now so I feel if she learns how to read braille , she willbe better off in life