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“Shalom sis you did it again I really like the ivory cream smells just right and had my face glowing for about 6 hours straight”

-Faith Lion 2019

“I used it just now in the shower before I go in for work and I love the scent and how soft my skin feels✨😍 thank you again Queen.”

- OGMYC December 4,2019

“Got mines and it smells so good love it”

-Nyesha Bell January 4,2019

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“As you can see my face is glowing. I took both of these pix at around 6:30 am after washing my face with the Tumeric Flower Blossom Bar and using the Rose Water Witch Hazel & the Unrefined Shea Cocoa Butter. Day 1 and Day 30 are completely different.”

“And my face hasn't been this soft for quite sometime. Not only do I have  T-Zone skin but my skin is sensitive in general. It has always been hard for me to find a balance but with you I hit the jackpot 🌈”

-n.b.c.g March 23, 2019

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Shea Butter Love


“Girl that Shea Coco.. omg I put it all over last night. I loved loved loved it. It’s absolutely perfect. Thank you”

-soulsis3 March 23, 2019

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Rose Water Witch Hazel 💗


“Yes the very first time I used it my skin felt better! I’m shocked because I use so many expensive skin care products that weren’t this efficient!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💖💖💖💖”

- d4vishomeschool

March 8, 2019

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Inspired to Embrace her Uniquely Natural Face w/o Make Up


(Turmeric Bar) “My newest skin  treat 😍! My skin is feeling amazing and has a nice natural finish” 

-Shannel Hill 2019

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No filter Perfection


Darlene is one of my first supporters! Her favorite soap is the Calming Bar and she loves the Rose Water Witch a Hazel ! Look at her Clear Skin Natural Glow, with No Make up and no filter! Visit my Instagram to watch her videos about Natural Lotus Farm‘s Products and what they have done for her beautiful skin! 


-Darlene 2019

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